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University of Toronto Pagan Society

An LJ Community for U of T Students, Staff, and Alumni.

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UTPS is a student-based, student-run Pagan group for the UofT community.
UTPS is a student-run, student-based Society on the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto.

For over a decade we have provided the UofT Community with an open forum for discussion, workshops, video nights, seminars and festival rituals. UTPS meets every two to three weeks to discuss a wide variety of Pagan-related topics, such as energy work, meditation, herbalism, divination, and various traditions of the Pagan path. We also hold movie nights featuring films containing Pagan and magical content.

We hold open ritual circles in UofT's Hart House chapel and at the U of T Multi-Faith Centre to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox and Samhain during the Fall Term, and Imbolc and the Vernal Equinox during the Winter Term. We may also host rituals for other various Pagan celebrations throughout the school terms, and these will change from year to year. However, we are not a coven, nor a training priesthood. We are an open Community for experienced and non-experienced Pagans alike.

We’re looking forward to another great year as we welcome back past Members and open our doors to new students and interested parties, celebrating our great planet, each other, and the diverse spirituality permeating our surroundings.


If you are a University of Toronto student, staff or alumnus, you automatically qualify as a member of the group and are invited to join this group and it's sister Yahoo and Facebook communities. In order to confirm your identity as a student, staff, or alumni or the University of Toronto you will be required to provide a valid @utoronto.ca email address. All UofT students and staff from all campuses are given @utoronto.ca email addresses, and alumni are still given control of them after graduation. The address confirms your relationship to UofT and legitimizes your membership. Simply email the address provided in the contact information field with your @utoronto address and LJ username.